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Colief Infant Drops

image Colief Infant Drops

Colief Infant Drops will help reduce the discomfort and crying associated with infant colic.

Colief Infant Drops are a new solution to troublesome infant colic. Recent research has suggested that transient lactase deficiency could be a key factor of colic in babies. Lactase in a naturally occuring enzyme that helps us break down the lactose found in milk. Colief Infant Drops contains lactase to help babies break down the lactose in milk for better, easier digestion.

Colief isn't just a colic treatment, it actually helps prevent colic from occuring in the first, sparing your baby hours of discomfort and crying. It is simply added to a baby's milk before feeding, allowing the child to enjoy their regular feed and best of all, Colief Infant Drops are an entirely natural product!
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Colief Colic Relief