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Male Fertility

image Male Fertility

There is plenty you can do to improve male fertility to help your partner have a better chance of getting pregnant. Give yourself a health check because aspects of your current lifestyle could be changed to help with increasing fertility.

How to improve fertility
Smoking can significantly lower your sperm count and damage the sperm that is produced. Try and cut down or stop altogether. See our range of smoking cessation products.

Alcohol intake needs moderating as the maximum number of units per week for a man is 21. It is advisable to drink less if possible as alcohol is known to kill off the sperm-generating cells in the testes.

Diet and fitness can improve fertility, for example increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and reduce your intake of salt and fatty foods. Recommended minerals and vitamins to help with male fertility are. Zinc which is vital for viable sperm count, motility and a high percentage of live sperm in the semen. Remember that zinc is lost through ejaculation so include this in your daily diet. Vitamin C also helps increase sperm motility. Vitamin E boosts general fertility. Omega-3 found in fish oil or flaxseed oil encourages healthy sperm and reproductive tissue. Vitamin B12 is essential for the process of cell division. We provide a selection of easy-to-swallow men's supplements to help you towards a better diet.

STIs such as chlamydia can affect the production of sperm. You may have become infected some years ago from a previous partner without suffering any noticeable symptoms so it is worth checking at this stage that you are free from any infection that might have caused infertility or impede conception.
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Male Fertility Supplements

  • Wellman Conception Tablets 30

    Wellman Conception Tablets 30

    Wellman Conception Tablets developed with specific nutrients Co-Q10, lycopene and zinc which contributes to normal reproductive health.

    (incl VAT)
  • Pregnacare His And Her Conception 60 Tablet Dual Pack

    Pregnacare His And Her Conception 60 Tablet Dual Pack

    Pregnacare His And Her Conception has been developed on the basis of scientific research to support the nutritional requirements of men and women who wish to maintain reproductive health, when planning the very best start for their baby.

    (incl VAT)

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