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Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor

Product code: 3852803
(incl VAT)
Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor tracks 2 hormones- designed to detect all of your fertile days, as well as being able to test for pregnancy. This Clearblue Advanced fertility monitor has been proven to increase the chance of getting pregnant by 89%.
  • Touch screen.
  • 99% accucrate.
  • Only monitor to also test for pregnancy.
  • May only be used with Clearblue Advance Fertility Monitor tests (Sold Separately).
Detects the rise in 2 fertility hormones, estrogen and luteinsing hormone (LH) before ovulation. The intuitive touch screen monitor displays your daily fertility status. Make love on High and Peak Fertility days to maximise your chances of getting pregnant natural.

Proven to be 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge. It is the only fertility monitor that you can also use to test for pregnancy. Over 99% accurate from the day your period is due.

More cycle information:
Record your period and intercourse information. View this, and your fertility status on the monthly calender. Review up to 6 cycles of your fertility data in a unique cycle summary chart.