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Children's Toothpaste

image Children's Toothpaste

Here at Express Chemist we have a range of children's toothpastes and junior toothpastes to suit every need. From organic toothpaste to unflavoured specifically formulated for children that are sensitive to strong flavours.
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Children's Toothpaste

Children's Unflavoured Toothpaste

Children's Organic Toothpaste

Disclosing Tablets

  • Endekay Disclosing Tablets 6mg (12)

    Endekay Disclosing Tablets 6mg (12)

    A fun way to check children are brushing their teeth correctly. Endekay disclosing tablets shows red where children are missing when brushing.

    (incl VAT)
  • TePe PlaqSearch Disclosing Tablets 20

    TePe PlaqSearch Disclosing Tablets 20

    TePe PlaqSearch Disclosing Tablets indicate where plaque build up may have missed when brushing. The tablets show old plaque in blue and new plaque in red.

    (incl VAT)