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Anusol Cream 43g

Product code: 2717981
  • General Sales List Medicine
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Anusol Cream 43g

Anusol Cream provides effective, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort associated with haemorrhoids (piles), itching, fissures and other related anal conditions. It contains ingredients that soothe and protect raw areas, help reduce swelling, prevent bacterial growth and can promote healing. Anusol Cream is rapidly absorbed and has a vanishing base that avoids staining clothes.

How to use Anusol Cream
Apply Anusol Cream to the affected area at night, in the morning and after each bowel movement. Cleanse the affected area before application. There is no need to apply a dressing. For external piles, apply the Anusol cream to the affected area. For internal piles, attach the supplied nozzle to apply the Anusol cream internally. Clean the nozzle after each use.

Zinc oxide 10.75 g, Bismith oxide 2.14 g, Balsam Peru 1.8 g. Inactive ingredients: Glycerol monostearate, Liquid paraffin, Propylene glycol, Polysorbate, Sorbitan stearate, Titanium dioxide, Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Purified water.