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Internal Piles

Internal piles are piles (haemorrhoids) that are inside the inner part of the rectum, along the passageway. They are less noticeable than external piles: whereas external piles are grape-like protrusions around the rim of the anus, internal piles are hidden inside the anus.

You may notice that you have internal piles if you experience minor bleeding or pain when passing stools.

Internal piles are usually less painful than external piles, but still tend to be uncomfortable. Thankfully, they are treatable. The most successful treatments for internal piles are the suppository treatments, because they are less messy than creams or ointments. Typical treatments are listed below.
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  • Anusol Suppositories 24x

    Anusol Suppositories 24x

    The Anusol formulation comes in this convenient suppository form for treating internal piles.

    (incl VAT)
  • Germoloids Suppositories 24x

    Germoloids Suppositories 24x

    Germoloids suppositories contain lidocaine hydrochloride 13.2mg and zinc oxide 283.5mg to help numb the pain and reduce the swelling. Germoloids suppositories are convenient to use and non-messy, and ideal for treating internal piles.

    (incl VAT)
  • Anusol Plus HC Suppositories 12x

    Anusol Plus HC Suppositories 12x

    Anusol HC suppositories are a particularly powerful way of treating internal piles. They contain the same formulation as regular Anusol suppositories, but with the addition of hydrocortisone which shrinks the swollen internal piles. Use these when your internal piles are particularly swollen, but use for a maximum of one week. If after one week your symptoms have not improved, you should consult your doctor. If your symptoms are improving after one week but you still need to continue treatment, then you should switch to the regular Anusol suppositories (see above).

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