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image Ginseng

Ginseng has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Today, the two most commonly available types are Korean ginseng and Siberian ginseng.

Korean ginseng is more potent and is usually used more for men or women under severe stress. Siberian ginseng, although from a different plant family, has a more subtle potency and is widely used to combat stress and fatigue.
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Ginseng Brands

A. Vogel

Korean Ginseng Products

  • Lamberts Korean Ginseng 1200mg (60)

    Lamberts Korean Ginseng 1200mg (60)

    Korean Ginseng has been traditionally used for improving stamina and concentration as well as being a boost to general well-being, especially in the over 50's.

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  • FSC Korean Ginseng 1000mg 30 Tablets

    FSC Korean Ginseng 1000mg 30 Tablets

    A strong potent action to boost general health and vitality.

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    Out of stock
  • Pharmaton Advance Caplets 30

    Pharmaton Advance Caplets 30

    Pharmaton Advance Multivitamins & Minerals is enhanced with 40mg of Ginseng to help support general wellbeing. Can aid fatigue reduction, energy release, mental performance & immunity support.

    (incl VAT)

Siberian Ginseng Products

  • A. Vogel Eleutherococcus

    A. Vogel Eleutherococcus

    • For Physical Stress & Mental Stress • Fatigue • Female Hormonal Balance •
    More commonly known as Siberian Ginseng, this tincture is useful for fatigue, ME and physical stress.

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  • Lamberts Siberian Ginseng 1500mg (60)

    Lamberts Siberian Ginseng 1500mg (60)

    Siberian Ginseng, also known as Eleutherococcus, has traditionally been used to combat the effects of stress, fatigue and improve stamina and energy.

    (incl VAT)
    Buy any 3 or more Lamberts products and save 5%