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Hot Water Bottle With Denim Floral Cover

Product code: 65105T
(incl VAT)
A Vagabond brand 2 litre hot water bottle with a removable, padded denim and daisy design cover. Complies to BS1970:2012 and 100% inspected in the UK.
  • Perfect for keeping cosy and warm
  • With a stylish cover.
  • 2 Litre.
  • 2 year guarantee.
  • With a free extra stopper.
  • A perfect gift idea.
Instructions for use:

When filling this hot water bottle, do not use boiling water, fill to a maximum of two thirds capacity or less. do not overfill as this may cause the bottle to burst.

  • Allow boiled water to cool sufficiently before filling the bottle.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • When using make sure the funnel of the bottle is empty of hot water after the stopper has been closed.
Do not:
  • Do not use with infants, persons sensitive to heat (over tiredness, medicines, alcohol, illness etc. can impair sensitivity to heat).
  • Let the bottle come into direct contact with skin whilst hot. If there is a possibility of prolonged contact with the skin should occur, an adequate cover should be used to prevent burns.
  • Overfill as this may cause the bottle to burst.
  • Place anything on the bottle during storage.
  • Under no circumstances should the hot water bottle be used as a cushion and sat on.
Hot water bottles are not suitable for children under 36 months due to the risk of overheating.