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Micro Hottie Hot Water Bottle Sugar Pink Micro Fleece

Product code: 45138B
(incl VAT)
Micro Hottie Hot Water Bottle Sugar Pink Micro Fleece

This innovative microwavable hot water bottle can be used for heat therapy, warmth and comfort. Unlike other microwavable accessories, this product doesn't use gels or wheat and instead uses a special material which is much safer.
  • Safe to use.
  • No more boiling water.
  • Ready in 2 minutes.
  • Stays warmer for longer.
  • Convenient to use.
  • 25cm / 10" x 21cm / 8.5".
Directions for use:
Keep your microwavable hot water bottle in its outer fabric cover as packaged.
Place in your microwave allowing the turntable to rotate freely (where fitted).
Set microwave to full power and refer to instructions for heating times from cold.
Half way through the heating time, turn the Hottie over to ensure even heating.
If re-heating from warm, heat in 15 second increments.
Remove from the microwave, the fabric cover isn't directly heated by the microwave so allow the stand for 1 minute to allow the heat to filter through.

For your safety:
Do not boil, bake, grill or freeze your micro hottie, it is designed for microwave heating only.
Your micro hotties internal thermal pack will get very hot - DO NOT touch it directly.
Micro hotties are not suitable for use with babies under 18 months.
Do not overheat.