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Curanail Information

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What comes in a Curanail pack?

The Curanail pack is contains enough of the the following for 3 months worth of treatment for up to 2 nails:
  • 3ml bottle of Curanail lacquer. Do not be fooled at the small size of the bottle, as it is powerful and goes a long way.
  • Reusable applicators (10x).

How do I apply Curanail?

Apply Curanail once a week, ideally on the same day of each week.

Step 1: Prepare the nail. Take a new nail file from the pack. File down the affected areas of the nail. This allows Curanail to penetrate the surface of the nail. Be sure to file down the top surface too where the nail is affected.

Do not allow the file to touch healthy nails, as this can allow the infection to spread to those nails. Avoid filing healthy nails on the days that you apply Curanail.

If you are applying Curanail to two nails, then use a new nail file for each nail.

Step 2: Clean the nail. Open a new swab from the pack. Again, use one swab for each affected nail. Keep the swab handy as you will need it to clean the applicator after step 3.

Step 3: Treat the nail. Open the bottle of lacquer and dip the holey end of one of the re-usable applicators into it. Do not wipe the lacquer onto the side of the bottle before application: use all of the liquid that sticks to the applicator. Apply the lacquer evenly onto the surface of the nail, and allow the nail to dry for 3 minutes.

If you are applying Curanail to 2 nails, then use the swab to clean the applicator, and use a fresh swab to clean the other nail for step 2.

After application
After applying Curanail, clean the applicator with the swab immediately and then discard the swab. Do not allow the used swab to touch any of your healthy nails. Close the bottle tightly so that the lacquer does not dry out. Keep the applicators because you can re-use them.

Over the next week
Curanail adheres to nails and will not wash off with soap and water, and will stay on in normal circumstances. However, it dissolves when you are using thinners or spirits, so be sure to use waterproof gloves if you are likely to use solvent-based paints or white spirit. Curanail will also come off if you use one of the swabs provided.

Do not wear nail varnish on the affected nails, as this can destroy the Curanail lacquer. You should also avoid wearing false nails for the same reason.

Before using Curanail next week
Before using Curanail again, remove the old lacquer from the nail using a new swab. Then you can go to step 1 above, and in step 2 you can use the same swab.


If you get Curanail in your eyes or ears, wash it out with water immediately and contact your nearest doctor or hospital. Do not breathe the lacquer or allow it to contact internal areas such as the mouth or nostrils. If you swallow the lacquer, contact your doctor or hospital.

Side effects are rare with Curanail, but you may get slight burning sensation in the nail area immediately after application. Some people may also feel that their nails are discoloured, broken or brittle during treatment, but of course this may be part of the condition that you are trying to treat. If you are worried, contact your pharmacist or doctor.

You may also find that because Curanail contains alcohol, it may dry or irritate the surrounding skin on the toes.

Do not store Curanail where children can reach it, and keep it below 30 degrees C. Keep the bottle closed after use. Do not use Curanail if it is past the date printed on the pack.

What if I forget to apply it one day?

You can apply it as soon as you remember, and then continue with the remainder of your routine as normal. However, it is best not to forget! Helpful tips to help you remember include:
  • Picking the same day of each week, and same time of day, to use Curanail (e.g. Sunday morning). You can also build this into your routine, e.g. do it straight after swimming or having a bath.
  • The Curanail pack comes with a set of nail templates included. These are drawings of nails that you fill in every 3 months in order to chart your progress.

    How long before I see results?

    Because Curanail works on new nail growth rather than the old nail (as described here), results will take a long time to show up, because nails take a long time to grow out. Typically, a fingernail will take around 6 months to grow out, and a toenail can take between 9 months to a year to grow out. In the meanwhile, you will gradually see the old, damaged nail growing out and fresh, clean growth taking its place.

    How can I maintain the health of my nails after using Curanail?

    There is no need to continue using Curanail once all of the symptoms of your fungal nail infection has cleared and your nail has fully grown out with clean growth. There are simple ways of keeping fungal nail infections at bay. See our guide to Preventing Fungal Nail Infections for more information.
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  • Buy Curanail

    Buy Curanail

    Curanail is a clinically proven, once-weekly treatment for mild fungal nail infections.

    This Curanail pack contains 3ml of antifungal nail lacquer, which is enough for approximately 3 months of treatment for two nails. The complete course of treatment can last up to 6 months for fingernails and up to a year for toenails.

    Please note that if you have more than two infected nails, you should seek professional advice before using Curanail.

    (incl VAT)