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Curanail FAQs

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1. What is Curanail?

Curanail is a once weekly treatment applied directly to the nail surface to treat mild fungal nail infections. It contains the active ingredient Amorolfine 5%, which is an antifungal.

2. How does it work?

Curanail works by killing fungi and yeasts on the nail by disrupting their cell membranes, preventing them from producing more cells and killing the already existing ones.

3. How do I use Curanail?

  • 1. File down the infected area of nail making sure to keep other nails covered to stop infection spreading.
  • 2. Clean the nail surface with a cleansing swab (use the swab to later clean the applicator).
  • 3. Apply lacquer over the nail with an applicator and allow to dry.

4. Why can't I use Curanail on more than 2 nails?

If the infection has spread to more than 2 nails you need to see your doctor as the infection may require a stronger treatment.

5. How long does it take to work?

Nails should be treated once a week for 6 months for finger nails and 9-12 months for toe nails. Remember that nails grow slowly so it may take a couple of months before you start to see results. Make sure that treatment continues until ALL of the infected nail has grown out.

6. How long does one pack last?

In each pack you get one bottle of lacquer, 30 swabs, 30 nail files and 10 applicators which is roughly 3 months supply.

6. Are there any side effects?

There are rarely any side effects, however users may notice a slight burning sensation in the nail area after applying the lacquer.

7. Can I wear nail varnish over Curanail?

It is not recommended to use nail varnish or wear false nails over a fungal nail infection. Nail varnish and nail glue contain solvents which will affect the lacquer.

8. Is Curanail noticeable when on your nail?

Curanail is colourless and dries clear. It will just make your nail look shiny.

9. Will it wash off in the bath/shower?

No, Curanail is not affected by soap and water. If you are planning to work with chemicals such as paint stripper or creosote, wear rubber gloves when working to protect the lacquer on fingernails.

10. I've run out of swabs, is there anything else I can use?

Use an antiseptic cleaner such as Savlon Antiseptic Liquid or Optima Australian Tea Tree Antiseptic Spray with cotton wool to clean nails and other implements (e.g. scissors).

11. I'm planning to become pregnant, can I use Curanail?

Do not use if you are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. See Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Anti-Fungal Nail Solution as an alternative.

12. What is the full list of ingredients of Curanail?

The active ingredient of Curanail is Amorolfine (hydrochloride) 5%.

Other ingredients: methacrylic acid copolymer 150,000, triacetin, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, ethanol.
  • Buy Curanail

    Buy Curanail

    The Curanail antifungal nail treatment pack contains 3ml of amorolfine nail lacquer. This is enough to treat two infected nails for approximately 3 months.

    Curanail is a once weekly application and the complete course lasts up to 6 months for fingernails and 12 months for toenails. If you have more than two infected nails, you should seek professional advice before using Curanail.

    (incl VAT)