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Regaine FAQs

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Regaine helps prevent further hair loss and helps regrow hair in both men and women. Regaine is the only pharmacy-licensed hair loss treatment available over-the-counter in the UK.

This guide is a frequently-asked-questions section about Regaine. You may also like to see our guide on using Regaine for further introductory information.
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Can Regaine treat my hair loss?

Regaine is the only medicated grooming product you can buy that is proven to help prevent further hair loss, with success for 4 out of 5 men. Hair loss affects 40% of men under 35. Hair loss in women can be brought on by many factors, yet more than 1 in 4 women find that their hair loss is hereditary. Regaine has been clinically proven to stop further hair loss in 4 out of 5 women and even allow new growth in 3 out of 5 women in 32 weeks.

What does Regaine contain?

The active ingredient in Regaine is minoxidil which is used for the treatment of male pattern baldness. There are two strengths of Regaine: Regular Strength which is available for men and women and Extra Strength which is just for men.

What is in the Regaine range?

The most popular treatment in the Regaine range is the Regaine Extra Strength for Men. There is also a weaker-strength product, Regaine Regular Strength, for sensitive scalps, and Regaine for Women.

A Regaine compatible shampoo, such as Alpecin can be used to clean the hair before applying Regaine.

Click here for the full Regaine range.

What is the difference between Regaine and other hair loss products?

Regaine is the only over-the-counter (i.e. available without a prescription) medicine licensed to treat hair loss. In order to receive a license, Regaine has had to undergo rigorous testing and evaluation by the UK regulatory authorities to make sure that it is both effective and safe.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Regaine Regular Strength, Extra Strength and the Gel. It was first used orally in blood pressure treatments but patients began noticing increased hair growth. Now, this ingredient has been reformulated for direct application to the scalp to encourage this re-growth. Minoxidil stimulates blood flow that encourages hair to grow and ceases hair loss. The technical reason for why Minoxidil does this is still not fully understood, but it works!

Will Regaine work for me?

It is important to firstly understand that Regaine will only work for hereditary hair loss. Shown below, are 3 examples or commonly asked questions, by worried hair loss sufferers.
  • a. My hair is gradually thinning. Can Regaine help?
    Regaine can help restore hair that is gradually thinning through hereditary hair loss, and has been proven in clinical trials to work for 4 out of 5 men.
  • b. My hair has suddenly begun to fall out, can Regaine help?
    If you have lost your hair suddenly due to stress, chemotherapy or alopecia*, it is not recommended that you use Regaine. With stress, chemotherapy and some alopecia cases, hair should naturally grow back in time.
  • c. I haven't lost my hair yet but hair loss runs in the family. What do you suggest I do?
    If you know hair loss has been passed down the generations in your family, this means it is hereditary. If you have not lost your hair yet but you think it will happen soon, we suggest you try this: Begin to use a shampoo or tonic such as Alpecin or Nourkrin. These are specially formulated to protect the hair from the hormones in the scalp that cause hair to fall out. These also maintain thicker, healthier hair.
    If you notice hair has become thin over time, this is the best time to start using Regaine.(Please refer to question 10 for directions on how to use Regaine.)
  • d. I am completely bald, will Regaine bring back my hair? Regaine has a higher chance of success the earlier you catch the hair loss. If you have little or no hair left on your head, it is unlikely Regaine will be able to encourage much re-growth because all or most of the hair follicles have died away.

*It is important to note that male pattern baldness is referred to as Androgenetic Alopecia, which CAN be treated with Regaine. The disease Alopecia affects men, women and children at any point in their lives. Hair loss is sudden and random and there are many variants of alopecia.

Will the new hair growth be as full and thick as it used to be?

Unfortunately not. Again, it partly is to do with the stage in which you begin treating your hair loss. Hair usually returns to some degree, but is unlikely to reach the stage of fullness and/or thickness you once had. However, additional, specially formulated hair loss supplements can help improve the quality of the hair you already have.

Which do I choose, Regaine Extra Strength or Regular Strength?

Ideally for men, it is best to begin with and continue to use Regaine Extra Strength. Only in extremely rare cases, those who experience side effects with the 5% solution are better off using the Regular Strength (2%), as it is gentler.

What is the difference between Regaine Regular Strength for Men and Regaine Regular Strength for Women?

The ingredients/strength (2% Minoxidil) in the Regaine for Men/Women are the same. The difference lies purely with the instructions and precautions inside. Also the packaging is designed as "male friendly" or "female friendly" for the customer. Take a look at Regaine for Women or Regaine for Men to view the different guide lines.

What has happened to Pregaine shampoo?

Pregaine Shampoo was a gentle cleanser for the hair. Pregaine was designed to be used along side Regaine products but it did not contain any ingredients to actively prevent hair loss.
Pregaine was discontinued in the Summer 2009. We can offer an alternative, please take a look at our Regaine compatible shampoo page.

What is the point in Regaine For Men Gel?

Regaine For Men Gel is the same strength as Regaine Regular Strength solution (2% Minoxidil) and works in the same way. The advantage of using the Regaine Gel is that it doesn't drip. It is easy to use and is ideal for men who want to keep the hair they still have.
Please note that Regaine Gel is not a form of hair gel.

How do I use the 60ml Regaine minoxidil treatment(s)?

Before you use Regaine, ensure your hair is completely dry. With either strength Regaine for men or women, you will first notice that there are 3 types of applicator for your Regaine bottle: A pump spray applicator (for large, hairless areas), A rub on applicator (for smaller scalp areas) and a long, thin spray nozzle (Ideal to use for direct scalp application - it reaches underneath and in-between longer hair).
Once you have selected a suitable applicator, use a single 1ml measured dose on the scalp where your hair is thinning. Massage in and always allow it to dry properly. Once dry, you can continue to comb and style your hair as before.
It is important to get into a routine with Regaine, leaving 12 hours between each application, so for example, apply in the morning and half an hour before bed. If you miss an application, do not double up just continue with the next application as scheduled.

So which Regaine product(s) do I use?

It is your decision on what products/how many products you buy. Initially, most customers will first choose their preferred strength of solution to treat the condition. Then additionally, they might purchase Pregaine shampoo to use in along side the Regaine treatment if they wish. Alternatively, Pregaine can always be used with a different brand of hair loss product, or lastly, the shampoo is perfectly ok to use on its own (But please note, Pregaine shampoo is not a hair loss treatment in itself). Regaine for men gel acts only as an alternative to the Regular Strength solution, due to their different consistencies and the nutritional support from the ladies supplements can be taken on their own when used alongside Regaine for Women solution. (For improved results, use both the supplement and solution together).

When will I see results with Regaine?

No matter what Regaine product you choose to use, results will not happen over night. It can take a number of months before results begin to show so lots of patience is important. For those using the Regular Strength solution and Gel, changes in the hair start happening by about the 16th week. Those of you using the Regaine Extra Strength solution, changes in the hair can happen by 8 weeks. Noticeable difference should be visible by 3-4 months of constant use. For some women using the solution, results have begun showing within 32 weeks. Also, during the first 2-6 weeks, some might notice hair loss before hair begins to return. This is actually a good sign and nothing to panic about because this means the hair follicles are finally reactivating.

How long do I have to use Regaine for?

Regaine will continue to help prevent further hair loss and maintain remaining hair for all the time you continue to use it. You can use Regaine for any desired length of time but if treatment is ceased, the affect will eventually regress.

Are there Regaine supplements for men?

Unfortunately, the only supplements Regaine manufacture are nutrient specific to women only. However there are other dietary supplements specifically formulated for men, to help boost nutrient levels relevant to hair growth. Supplements such as: Nourkrin Man, NuHair for Men, Lamberts Maxi-Hair.

How do the Supplements for Women work?

It is good to treat hair loss from the inside as well as on the outside. The supplement contains Amino acids which are essential in the formation of the keratinic structure, Minerals and Co-Enzymes are essential for cell division and hair growth, and Natural anti-oxidants to help to protect hair from further damage and ageing.

Why isn't there a Regaine Extra Strength for women?

Studies have shown that the Minoxidil in Regaine is more effective in a stronger concentration in men then it is in women. Only about 2 in 5 women find the Regular Regaine solution works for them For the remaining women, increasing the dose would not make any difference and hair still wouldn't grow. Also in some cases, studies showed some women experienced increased hair growth in other places (such as facial hair) when using the Regaine Extra Strength.

Are there side effects or precautions?

  • On some occasions, some users have experienced itching, irritation and flaking when using the Regaine Extra Strength solution. If this happens, try the Regular Strength, as it is less concentrated, or seek advice form your doctor. Users should cease using Regaine Extra Strength treatment if they experience chest-pain, faintness, sudden weight gain, swollen hands or feet or persistent irritation or redness on the scalp. Rare cases of hypertension have been reported.
  • Some users may notice during the first 2-6 weeks of use, hair loss increases. This is actually a good sign and nothing to panic about because it means the hair follicles are finally reactivating. In other words, old hair sat in dormant follicles may shed to make way for the new hair growth.
  • If you are pregnant of breast feeding, do not use Regaine Extra Strength solution. Always ask your doctor for advice first before using any of the remaining Regaine products.

Will Regaine make hair grow on other parts of my body?

No, your fingers and body will not start sprouting hairs willy nilly. Regaine stimulates the blood flow around hair follicles. In some rare cases, when using the Regaine Extra Strength solution, facial hair in both men and women increased slightly. This is why Regaine is only made in Regular Strength for Women, and men, if this troubles you too, swap over to the Regular Strength for Men.

Does Regaine treat grey hairs?

No. Regaine may help to re-grow new hair but any hair that does return will not alter the colour.

Does Regaine Stain?

No, Regaine contains no colouring and will not leave greasy marks.

Does Regaine smell?

Regaine is not perfumed but has a very mild alcoholic scent. It is not over powering. The Pregaine Shampoo is lightly scented.

What are the full ingredients of Regaine?

  • Regaine Extra Strength solution: Minoxidil 50mg, Ethanol (alcohol), Propylene Glycol & Water.
  • Regaine Regular Strength for Men and Women: Minoxidil 20mg, Ethanol (alcohol), Propylene Glycol & Water.
  • Regaine Gel: Minoxidil 20mg, Propylene glycol, Ethanol, Carbomer, Diisopropanolamine & Water.
  • Regaine for Women Supplements: (per tablets) L-Methionine 50mg, L-Cysteine 50mg, L-Histidine 50mg, Biotin 150µg , Pantothenic Acid 3mg, Copper 0.4mg, Zinc 7mg, Beta-Carotene 0.8mg, Grape Seed Oligomers 22mg. Tableting Agents: Calcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose.
  • Pregaine Shampoo: Aqua, TEA Lauryl-Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Cocamide DBA, Cocamidopropylbetaine, Propyleneglycol, Edetate Disodium, Citric Acid, Fragance, Sodium Chloride.

Who manufactures Regaine?

Pfizer originally made Regaine but is now distributed by Johnson & Johnson (2008).

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