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ProFoot Flight Socks Ribbed Black UK Size 8-11

Product code: 4085148

ProFoot Flight Socks Ribbed Black UK Size 8-11 are multi-purpose ribbed compression socks with LYCRA fibre for improved comfort and fit. ProFoot Flight Socks Ribbed Black are specifically designed to provide relief from the discomfort of tired and aching legs, helping to prevent swollen ankles and making them ideal for travel, sport, maternity and prolonged periods of inactivity.
  • Clinically proven compression level.
  • Helps to prevent swollen ankles and leg discomfort.
  • Ideal for all journeys.
Directions for use:
Carefully position sock over the foot, ensuring heel is positioned so it fits into the heel pouch.
Gently pull the sock up around the ankle and calf, ensuring sock is wrinkle free.
Caution, fingernails may damage the fabric.

Never wear sock rolled down and never turn down the top band of the sock.
If, when wearing, any discomfort or pain is felt, remove the sock and seek medical advice.
Seek medical advice before using if any of the following apply:
Previously suffered from blood clots, recently undergone major surgery, known or suspected DVT, cellulitis, arterial disease, circulatory problems or diabetes.