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Cica-Care Silicone Gel Sheet 15 x 12cm

Product code: 2730745
(incl VAT)
Adhesive gel sheet for scar care

Cica-Care gel sheet is a soft, self-adhesive, semi-occlusive sheet made from medical grade silicone reinforced with a silicone membrane backing.

Cica-Care is designed for temporary use:

1. in the management of both existing and new hypertrophic scars and keloids

2. as a prophylactic therapy on closed wounds to help prevent hypertrophic scarring and keloids

Cica-Care is contra-indicated for patients with complicating medical factors which would make them unable to use the gel sheet properly and in patients with dermatological conditions which disrupt the integrity of the skin in areas of coverage. Do not use on open wounds.

Open peel pack and lift out Cica-Care sheet with its release liner attached.

Cut a piece to cover the scar. For large scars, use several sheets side by side.

Although self-adhesive, Cica-Care may also be held in place by a lightly elastic conforming bandage or tape.

Keep the unused portion in the original container and store in a dry place.

Wash Cica-Care twice daily in a mild non-oily soap solution and rinse in clean warm water. Pat dry and reapply to the dry cleansed scar.

Cica-Care should be applied at least 12 hours per day during the therapy time. If possible Cica-Care should be applied for 24 hours, allowing for washing periods.

Composition of Cica-Care Sheet:
Soft, self-adhesive, semi-occulusive gel sheet made from medical grade silicone reinforced with a silicone menbrame backing.