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Micro Hottie Hot Water Bottle Leopard Print

Product code: 45138B
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Micro Hottie Hot Water Bottle Leopard Print is an convenient version of a traditional water bottle due to it only needing to be microwaved for two minutes to be heated! The water is safely absorbed onto special materials inside the bottle which is permanently sealed to stop leaks or spills of boiling water occurring, making it a lot safer than the ordinary bottle. Due to the Leopard Print fleeced cover the warmth lasts a lot longer due to it being released gradually and gently creating a comfortable, constant heat.
  • No Gel or Wheat.
  • leopard print fleeced insulating cover.
  1. Keep your hottie thermal pack in its outer fabric cover as packaged
  2. Place in your microwave allowing the turntable to rotate freely (where fitted).
  3. Set microwave to full power and see table on outer packaging for heating times from cold; Half way through the heating time, turn the hottie over. If re-heating from warm, heat in 15 second increments.
  4. Remove from the microwave. The fabric cover is not heated directly by the microwave, so leave standing for a minute or so for the heat to filter through.
  5. The hot water bottle will start to expand if overheated. If this occurs switch off the microwave immediately and leave to stand for at least 10 minutes before handling. Do not place your hand inside the fabric cover.
  6. After use - store flat.
Do not boil, bake, grill or freeze your micro hottie. It is designed for microwave heating only.
The hot water bottles internal thermal pack will get very hot - Do not touch directly.
Micro Hotties are not suitable for use with babies under 18 months.
Not suitable for freezing.
Do not overheat.