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MediHoney HCS Dressings 6x6cm (10)

Product code: 3822491
(incl VAT)
MediHoney HCS Dressings are light-medium absorbent, non-adhesive dressings that are comprised of 63% medical grade antibacterial manuka honey that provides the optimum environment to aid healing while helping to protect against bacteria.
The hydrogel sheet with super absorbent polymers absorbs and locks exudate within the dressing, maximising the wear time and minimising dressing changes. This exudate forms a gel which aids in autolytic debridement (natural removal/softening of bad tissue) and minimises trauma during dressing changes.
  • 10 Dressings.
  • Size: 6x6cm (2.4x2.4").
  • For management of burns and acute or chronic wounds.
  • Medical grade antibacterial Manuka Honey (63% of total dressing weight).
  • Hydrogel sheet containing super absorbent polymers.
  • Exudate is absorbed and locked in the dressing.
  • Provides ideal environment to promote wound healing.
  • Protects against bacteria.
  • Aids autolytic debridement.
  • Cut to wound size.
  • Non-adherent reducing trauma to wounds during dressing changes.
  • Suitable for use under compression.
Suitable for use on:
Leg Ulcers • Pressure Ulcers/Sores • Diabetic Foot Ulcers • 1st & 2nd Degree Partial Thickness Burns • Surgical Wounds • Donor Sites • Traumatic Wounds.
Serious wounds, such as some of those listed above, should be managed under professional medical supervision.

NOT suitable for use on:
3rd Degree Burns • Patients With Known Sensitivity To Honey • Heavily Bleeding Wounds.

Directions for Use:
Apply to a cleaned wound. If required protect the area surrounding the wound with Medihoney Barrier Cream. If desired cut the dressing with sterile scissors ensuring that it is still large enough to completely cover the wounds and margins. Overlapping the wound margins is acceptable so cutting the dressing to size is not necessary.
Remover the bottom liners marked '1' and apply this exposed surface to the wound. Smooth dressing to ensure full contact and complete coverage. Cover with a suitable sterile second dressing.
Remove as required by gently pressing down on the skin and lifting the edge. If the wound bed seems dry or dressing is being stubborn, moisten with sterile saline before removing. Cleans wound before redressing.

  • This product to be used <30 days.
  • Patients may notice a slight stinging upon application. If stinging persists remove dressing, cleans wound and discontinue use.
  • Upon initial use of this product exudate levels may increase, manage dressing changes accordingly.
  • During the first stage of healing wounds may appear to be larger, this is normal as bad tissue is softened and removed.
  • If the wound continues to grow larger after the first few dressing changes consult a healthcare professional.
  • Consult a healthcare professional if signs of infection, irritation or discolouration occur.
  • Do not use this dressing with any other care products, other than those listed in the encloses leaflet, without first consulting a healthcare professional.