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Lemsip Cough For Chesty Cough Oral Solution 180ml

Product code: 4020723
  • General Sales List Medicine
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Lemsip Cough For Chesty Cough Oral Solution is for the symptomatic relief of deep chesty coughs and sore throats.
  • Deep relief.
  • Targeted action.
  • Soothes a sore throat.

Adults and children over 12 years:
10-20ml to be taken three to four times daily.
Rinse the measure cup after use.

Do not take this medicine if you are:
  • Allergic to guaifenesin or any other ingredients.
Check with your pharmacist or doctor before taking this medicine if you:
  • Are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Are on sodium controlled diet.
  • Are diabetic or intolerant to any sugar.
Possible side effects:
Allergic reactions such as itchy skin rash, swelling, wheezing.
Stomach pain.
Feeling or being sick.
Please read package leaflet before use.
Each 5ml dose contains Guaifensin 50mg as active ingredient. Also contains approx 4g of Sugar, 3.66mg of Sodium and Glycol.
other ingredients: Glycerol, Tolu flavour solution, Sodium benzoate, Citric acid anhydrous granular, Sodium citrate, Lemon oil terpeneless, Isopropyl alcohol, Purified water, Sodium cyclamate.