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Kelo-cote is a range of gels and sprays, clinically proven to reduce hardness, redness, elevation, itching and pain associated with scars to the skin. It is safe to use and effective for scars resulting from burns, surgery or trauma and can also be used as a preventative for future scarring.

Kelo-cote works by self-drying to a waterproof, gas permeable membrane, which acts as an extra layer to your skin. This helps to flatten, soften and smooth the scar whilst maintaining elasticity and levels of moisture of the adjacent skin. Kelo-cote has been favourite of doctors and patients since 1998 and has shown to reduce itching and discolouration associated with scars.
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Kelo-cote Gel

  • Kelo-cote Gel 15g

    Kelo-cote Gel 15g

    Kelo-cote Gel 15g is a lightweight, self-drying silicone based gel for the treatment of scars.

    (incl VAT)
  • Kelo-cote UV Gel SPF 30 15g

    Kelo-cote UV Gel SPF 30 15g

    Kelo-cote UV Gel SPF 30 15g is specially designed to protect new and old scars from the aggravating effects of the sun by preventing sun-induced redness and hyper-pigmentation while improving overall appearance.

    (incl VAT)
  • Kelo-cote Gel 60g

    Kelo-cote Gel 60g

    Kelo-cote Gel 60g is a lightweight gel treatment for scars, which forms a protective barrier against physical, chemical and microbial contact to the site of the scar.

    (incl VAT)

Kelo-cote Spray

  • Kelo-cote Spray 100ml

    Kelo-cote Spray 100ml

    Kelo-cote Spray 100ml quickly binds to the outer layer of dead skin cells forming a protective barrier against microbial, physical and chemical invasion to the scar.

    (incl VAT)