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Compeed Blister Extreme Plasters 5

Product code: 4073169
(incl VAT)
Compeed Blister Extreme Plasters 5 aid in providing instant pain relief for very painful blisters. Compeed uses hydrocolloid technology which is an active gel with moisture absorbing particles. The plaster acts like a second skin in order to support the natural moisture balance.
  • Provides instant relief from painful blisters.
  • Protects against rubbing, when you need it the most, due to its honeycomb like structure which cushions 20% more than Compeed Blister Medium.
  • Offers fast wound healing.

Directions for use:
Clean and dry the skin before using.
Do not touch the adhesive side of the plaster.
Leave it in place until it starts to detach by itself.
May be up to several days.
If you are diabetic, consult your doctor before using.