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There are 206 bones in the adult human body and more than 300 in an infant. As we grow older, smaller bones fuse together until we are left with our 206 fully-grown bones.
image Bones

Bones are not completely solid; the outside is made from cortical bone which is solid and the inside is made from trabecular bone, which is like a honey-comb structure. The spaces between the trabecular bone are filled with bone marrow cells which make the blood and they also contain some fat cells. Every second your bones produce 2 million red blood cells, whilst old cells are destroyed at the same rate

Our bones have a total of eleven main functions, including:

  • Providing us with our shape.
  • Protecting our internal organs.
  • Working in conjunction with tendons, ligaments, skeletal muscles and joints which allow us to move.
  • Acting as storage for minerals and fat.
  • Assisting in blood production.
  • Detoxification of the body by storing heavy metals and other foreign elements.
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Bone Health

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