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A. Vogel Molkosan 200ml

Product code: AVG-10043
(incl VAT)
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  • Pre-biotic.
  • Maintains healthy gut bacteria.
  • Is an anti-fungal (both internally and externally) - helps to treat athlete's foot, candidal growth, thrush and ringworm.
  • Can be taken as a slimming aid.
The original Molkosan by A. Vogel, is naturally fermented whey which has acidic and antiseptic properties. It can be drank with water or juice and applied directly to the skin. It is ideal for inhibiting bacterial and fungal infections. Also, because of its high mineral and orotic acid content, it makes a suitable slimming aid.

The Pre-biotic:
Antibiotics and some choices of diet are usually responsible for upsetting the balance of bacteria in the gut, as they suppress normal intestinal bacteria. This creates an environment that allows yeast to grow in the intestines. This yeast is associated with digestive symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, sugar cravings and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as well as being linked to internal thrush symptoms. If Molkosan is taken along side a Pro-biotic, the bacteria in the gut can be normalised.

Topical treatment:
The high acidic properties in Molkosan help to inhibit fungal infections of the skin. Conditions such as Athlete's Foot, Ringworm and Thrush have been effectively treated. In some cases, dandruff and psoriasis sufferers have benefited form applying Molkosan directly to the skin.

The Slimming Aid:
Molkosan has a way of boosting metabolism. The Orotic acid combines with proteins in the gut which are easily absorbed. These act as chemical buffer which means fats in the gut are broken down and either buffered or neutralised.

1 teaspoon in a glass of mineral water or fruit juice, drank up to 3 times a day.
You may prefer Molkosan in spring water for a refreshing change, or mixed with blended fruit or even combined with a fruit tea.

Mix 1:4 parts Molkosan to water and apply directed to affected area.
Molkosan is completely safe for vaginal douching.
Molkosan can be taken for as long as desired.
Not recommended for children under 2 years old.

Concentrated, lactofermented Whey (from Swiss milk & without protein) L+ Lactic Acid, potassium citrate, natural flavour (menthol). Pasteurised.

Refrigerate after opening. Product keeps for 2 months, after opening when stored in the fridge.