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Acidex Advance Oral Suspension Aniseed Flavour 500ml

Product code: 4033445
  • Pharmacy Only Medicine
(incl VAT)
Acidex Advance Oral Suspension helps to prevent and relieve the symptoms of acid reflux and Indigestion and heartburn.
Other uses are to relieve symptoms from conditions such as a inflamed oesophagitis, hoarse or other voice disorders, sore throat and coughs.
Acidex Advance Oral Suspension contain active ingredients sodium alginate and potassium hydrogen carbonate it keeps food and stomach acid away from the oesophagitis lining preventing acid reflux.
  • 500ml bottle, also available in 250ml.
  • Prevents and relieves acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion.
  • Aniseed Flavour.
Directions for Use:
Suitable for adults and children over the age of 12. Shake bottle well before use. Take 5-10ml orally after meals and before bedtime. If taking other medication consult a medical profession before taking this product. Leave 2 hours between taking Acidex Advance Oral Suspension and any other medication.

*Please read attached leaflet carefully before taking this product.*

  • Keep out of sight and reach of children.
  • Contains parahydroxybenzoates (paraben, E214, E216) which may cause allergic reaction (possibly delayed).
  • If in a controlled sodium or calcium diet or on drugs to increase potassium level take Acidex Advance Oral Suspension into consideration.
  • Side effects are occasional, see leaflet for more information.
  • Do not refrigerate, freeze or use after expiry date shown on bottle.
10ml of Acidex Advance Oral Suspension contains sodium alginate (1000mg), potassium hydrogen carbonate (200mg), parahydroxybenzoates (paraben, E214, E216), sodium (5.1mmol), potassium(2mmol).