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Golden Eye Chloramphenicol Ointment

Product code: 3338563
  • Pharmacy Only Medicine
(incl VAT)
GoldenEye Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment
  • For acute bacterial conjunctivitis.
  • Antibiotic 1% w/w Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment
Chloramphenicol belongs to a group of medicines called antibiotics, which are used for infections caused by bacteria. Chloramphenicol eye ointment is for simple eye infections called 'acute bacterial conjunctivitis'. This is sometimes known as 'red-eye' because the white part of the affected eye(s) will be red and/or the eyelid(s) will be red and swollen. There may also be a sticky discharge which can make the eye difficult to open in the morning, and the eye may feel 'gritty' or irritated.

Instructions for use
  • Place a small amount of ointment (about 1cm) in the space between the lower eye lid and the eye
  • A course of treatment lasts 5 days
  • Apply to each affected eye 3 to 4 times a day; about every 4-6 hours
Active ingredient: Chloramphenicol 1% w/w. Other ingredients: Liquid paraffin, wool fat, yellow soft paraffin.