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Wisdom Pro Flex Orange Interdental Brushes 0.45mm 5pcs

Product code: 4042859
(incl VAT)
Wisdom Pro Flex Blue Interdental Brushes 0.6mm 5pcs are perfect for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and to protect from tooth decay, gum disease and to keep your breath fresh.
The Pro Flex design has a unique flexible handle designed to reduce potential wire breakage. The curved shape of the handle improves access to difficult to reach areas at the back of the mouth.
  • Available in a range of colour coded sizes to reach all different size gaps.
  • Coated wire for use around metal fillings to prevent sensitivity.
  • Hygienic cap to protect the brush between uses.
  • For use in cleaning between teeth and around bridgework and orthodontic appliances.

  • Use regularly to help keep teeth and gums healthy and to protect against gum disease and tooth decay as well as to keep your breath fresh.

    Gently ease brush into the space between the tooth and the gumline or dental appliance by turning slightly.
    Clean the space by gently moving the brush backwards and forwards.
    Rinse the brush after use and replace brush every week or when bristles become worn.

    Never force the brush into spaces.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Excessive force and bending of the wire can cause breakage which can cause injury.