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Wartner Corn and Callus Removal Pen 4ml

Product code: WAR157T
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Wartner Corn and Callus Removal Pen 4ml is a medical device for treatment of thickened skin, corns or severe/persistent calluses caused by chronic pressure on the skin.

  • 4ml.
  • For removal of corns and persistent calluses.
  • Effective from the last week.
  • Precise application.
  • No risk of scarring.
  • Easy to use 4 step application.

    Constant friction (such as by extra tight footwear) can lead to to skin cell growth resulting in thick and painful lesions. The Wartner Corn and Callus Removal Pen contains a highly concentrated gel which causes the skin to peel away. As this occurs the thickened skin, corn or callus will disappear, and new healthy skin is formed.


    Trichloroacetic Acid.

    Directions for Use:

  • Hold the pen vertically with the brush tip facing downwards. Slowly turn/click the dial on the top of the pen clockwise to dispense the gel.
  • Allow the gel to flow into the tip for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Carefully apply the dispensed gel only on the thickened skin, corn or callus (not on healthy surrounding skin).
  • Let the gel dry for 10-15 minutes before putting on shoes.

    Apply Wartner Corn and Callus Removal Pen once daily for 4 days. After the treatment of 4 days, the skin will peel off over the next 4 days. You can carefully remove the peeling skin under lukewarm water. After the treatment, new healthy skin (free from corns or calluses) will form. The corn or callus may disappear from the first week of treatment. If the corn or callus does not disappear completely, repeat the treatment after a 4 day break period. You can repeat this treatment schedule up to 4 times. You can use a file before hand to peel off excessive skin allowing the formulation to penetrate the layers of the skin better.


  • For external use only.
  • To be used by a single user. Not to be re-used by multiple users.
  • Do not use on irritated skin, or skin which is infected, reddened or showing any sign of inflammation such as itching or swelling.
  • In case of irritation clean the area with lots of water.
  • Do not use Wartner Corn and Callus Removal Pen if you are hypersensitive to the active ingredient: Trichloroacetic Acid.
  • No interaction with other medication is known.
  • No side-effects are known to be associated with the use of Wartner Corn and Callus Removal Pen.
  • Do not use together with another corn or callus treatment in case of pregnancy, and breastfeeding, consult your doctor or pharmacist prop to this treatment.
  • Do not use on children under the age of four.
  • Consult a doctor if you are diabetic.

    **Always read the enclosed leaflet thoroughly before using this medication**