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Victory V Original Flavour Lozenges 35g

Product code: 0850446
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Victory V Original Flavour Lozenges 35g

Victory V is a famous brand of British unique flavoured lozenges, renowned for their 'forged for strength' ingredients and warming qualities. Continuing a strong heritage dating back over 80 years, Victory V's unusual texture and flavour are still just as popular today as ever.
  • Unique flavour.
  • Warming qualities.
  • Unusual texture.
  • 'Forged for Strength'.
  • Packet 35g.
Direction for Use:
Slowly dissolve in the mouth as required.

Sugar, Acacia gum, Glucose syrup, Flavourings, Colour (Ammonia caramel), Linseed oil.

Also availabe in a larger 45g pack size.