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TePe Interdental Brush Angle Size 0 Pink 6 Pieces

Product code: 3803913
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TePe Angle interdental brushes have a long handle and angled brush head for controlled cleaning. TePe Angle brushes are ideal for reaching between the back teeth and from inside and outside. Plaque should be removed regularly as a build up can cause bad breath, gum disease and cavities.
  • Excellent for cleaning between teeth.
  • Angled for easier use especially on back teeth.
  • Removes plaque.
  • Reduces the risk of gum disease (gingivitis).
  • With A protective brush head cover.
  • 6x size 0 brushes (0.4mm).
  • Thin plastic covered wire for a gentle clean.
Directions of use:
Use TePe Interdental Brushes daily preferably in the evening.
Choose the correct size interdental brush, do not force the brush into a space.
Insert the TePe Interdental brush between teeth and move back and forth.