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TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush

Product code: 63088A
(incl VAT)
TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush is the ideal toothbrush for making the areas around the gum line and those that are harder to reach clean. The TePe Compact Tuft toothbrush is specially designed with a small angled brush head and a thick, rounded tuft comprised of extra soft filaments to keep the teeth and gums clean.

Optimal for precision cleaning, with the dome-shaped brush head with dense rounded tuft. It's ideal for cleaning along the gumline, on the occlusal surfaces of emerging teeth or impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Suitable for precision cleaning
  • Compact tuft
  • Extra soft filaments
Suitable for:
  • Gum line.
  • Erupting teeth.
  • Braces.
  • Implants.