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Tampax Cardboard Applicator Regular Tampons 20

Product code: 6786552
(incl VAT)
Tampax Cardboard Applicator Regular Tampons stops leaks before they happen. Tampax expands to your body shape to give you both coverage and comfort, giving you the confidence to get on with your day. The Protective Skirt catches any stray leaks and comes in discreet, cardboard applicator featuring an anti-slip grip for easy insertion. You can be protected for up to a maximum of 8 hours, even overnight!
  • Pack of 20.
  • For light to medium flow.
  • Anti-leak Protective Skirt.
  • Cardborad applicator with anti-slip grip and rounded tip for easy insertion.
  • Easy and discreet to open packaging.
Please ensure you read enclosed leaflet for directions for use and safety information before using this product.

Tampons are associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious illness. Ensure you read enclosed leaflet for more information.
Use the lowest absorbency for your flow and be sure to change your tampon every 4-8 hours.