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Suresign Automatic Blood Pressure & Pulse Monitor

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Suresign Automatic Blood Pressure & Pulse Monitor is designed for the measurement of Systolic and Diastolic arterial blood pressure. The monitor measures the fluctuations in the pressure of the cuff produced by extension and contraction of the artery in the arm in response to each heartbeat. Upper-arm blood pressure monitors usually give the most accurate and consistent results. A valuable device as part of a keeping healthy program.
  • Automatic inflation.
  • Professional accuracy.
  • Listed with the British Hypertension Society.
  • 90 memory storage & average.
  • Battery Operated.
  • Clinically validated.
Direction for Use:
Insert the tube plug into the air connector. Before the measurement, take 3-5 deep breaths (inhalation-exhalation) and relax. Do not move, talk or strain your arm or hand while the reading is being taken. Press and hold the O/I button until the device starts to operate. All symbols will appear on the display for a short time, then two short beeps will sound and the device will begin automatically to inflate the air into the cuff. After reaching 190mmHg the pressure in the cuff will begin to fall gradually. The data on the display will decrease. The bleep will sound at the end of the measurement, the device will release all the air from the cuff and the readings will appear on the display. Press the O/I button of the device to switch off.

Cautions and warnings:
If you have very large or very small arms you may need a smaller or larger sized cuff. Ask your doctor or nurse for advice.

Monitor, 22cm to 32cm cuff, pressure tube, AA x4 1.5V batteries, instruction manual, warranty card. storage bag.