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Smint XXL Spearmint Sugar Free Mints 36

Product code: 80075
(incl VAT)
Smint XXL Spearmint Sugar Free Mints 36

Smint XXL Spearmint Sugar-Free Mints offer long-lasting freshness on the go. Formulated with spearmint flavour, they freshen breath without promoting tooth decay. Compact and convenient, these mints provide instant oral hygiene support whenever you need it. Enjoy the refreshing taste of spearmint and combat bad breath confidently. Elevate your breath-freshening routine with Smint XXL Spearmint Sugar-Free Mints. Shop now for lasting freshness and confidence.
  • 36 mints.
  • Sugar free.
  • Spearmint flavour.
Nutritional information:
Per 100g: Energy 1007kJ/242kcal; Fat 0.6g (of which: saturates 0.5g); Carbohydrate 98g (or which: sugars 0g, polyols 98g); Protein 0g; Salt 0.62g.

Sweeteners (sorbitol, aspartame), flavourings, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), colours (riboflavin, brilliant blue FCF). Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Contains a source of phenylalanine.