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Just For Men - Shampoo in Hair Colour - Natural Real Black

Product code: 0598581
(incl VAT)
Just For Men is made by men for men. It is not a women's haircolour hiding behind a man's name. It's quicker and easier.

Just For Men takes only five minutes, because it targets and colours only the grey hairs, leaving your natural colour alone. You won't get the dramatic colour change that you do from some women's haircolours. And, once you've applied Just For Men, you're done. You can shampoo as often as you like and treat your hair the way you always have. Just For Men lasts up to six weeks, or from haircut to haircut.

Just For Men is available in six natural shades. Choose the colour that matches or comes closest to your natural hair colour. If in doubt, choose a colour that is slightly lighter because you can always go darker.

Enriched with natural conditioners: Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract and Wheat Protein.

Photograph depicts old packaging.