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Perspirex is a strong anti-perspirant, giving protection for 2 or 3 days at a time. Perspirex comes in two forms: a roll-on, which is designed primarily for the underarms and sensitive skin, and a lotion, which is designed for the hands and feet which have thicker skin. Both forms of Perspirex have the same main active ingredient. Perspirex typically lasts around 72 hours after application, and sometimes longer.
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More Information

About Perspirex

The main active ingredient of Perspirex is the same as for similar treatments such as Driclor, Odaban and Anhydrol Forte. However, the composition (i.e. the inactive ingredients) are not identical and so which treatment works best for you may be a matter of personal preference.

You must ensure that the affected area is completely dry before applying Perspirex. If the area is wet or sweaty during application, the water/sweat will react with the active ingredient and may cause a stinging sensation. Note that the Perspirex roll-on should be used for sensitive areas of the skin, as you are less likely to get the stinging sensation.

Perspirex works because its active ingredient (Aluminium Chloride) temporarily blocks the sweat glands with little keratin plugs. These plugs shut down the sweat gland. After a few days, the skin naturally sheds its outer cells in the normal manner and the plug falls out. The active ingredient is perfectly safe and does not enter the bloodstream or inner parts of the body.

Perspirex roll-on should be used on the more sensitive areas of skin. This is because Perspirex roll-on contains an extra active ingredient that reduces irritation on sensitive areas. This extra ingredient is known as a "buffer" (aluminium lactate) and works by reducing acidic reactions in the skin due to the use of an anti-perspirant.