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image Oraldene

Oraldene is a mouthwash containing Hexetidine, an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Oraldene can be used to treat gum disease, bad breath, sore throats, mouth ulcers and mild oral thrush. Oraldene can also be used before and after dental surgery.

For other medicated mouthwashes that would be suitable for treating gum disease, mouth ulcers and sores, bad breath, sore throats and oral thrush please click here.
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Oraldene Mouthwash

  • Oraldene 200ml

    Oraldene 200ml

    A larger 200ml bottle of Oraldene Mouthwash. An antibacterial and antifungal formula which relieves mouth ulcers, sore or bleeding gums, symptoms of sore throats and bad breath.

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