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Omron Compressor Nebuliser NE-C28P

Product code: 3715893
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Omron CompAIR NE-C28P, a highly efficient long-life compressor nebuliser ideal for frequent use.

Product features
  • Fast and convenient.
  • Powerful compressor for high efficacy.
  • Shorter inhalation time.
  • With virtual valve technology.
  • Compliant with a wide range of medication.
  • Nebulisation rate 0.5ml/min.
  • MMAD 3 μm.
  • Suitable for use with children.
  • Main unit, neb-kit.
  • 1 x adult mask 1 x child mask.
  • Nosepiece, mouthpiece.
  • Air tube, air filter.
  • Carry case, instruction manual and warranty card.
Directions of use.
Please read instruction manual thoroughly before using Omron Compressor Nebuliser NE-C28P.