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Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons Super Plus 20

Product code: 2846533
(incl VAT)
Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons Super Plus are made from 100% long-fibre organic cotton that gently expands and absorbs menstrual flow, ideal for heavy flow days.
These biodegradable Natracare tampons are kind to the environment and you, respecting the body's natural protective mucous lining of the vagina by not drying it out. Free from nasty ingredients Natracare tampons respect the sensitive and absorptive nature of the body.
  • 20 Tampons.
  • Non-applicator.
  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton & nothing else.
  • For heavy flow.
  • Free from perfume, chlorine, plastics, rayon, dyes, GMO, and dioxin or pesticide residues.
  • Biodegradable & compostable.
Directions for Use:
Tampons are associated with TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Please carefully read enclosed leaflet before use.
To reduce risk use the right absorbency for you, Super Plus are suitable for heavy flow days (12-15g). Also change your tampons regularly, every 4-6 hours, and alternate between using tampons and pads.
It is not recommended to use tampons at night as you are likely to leave it unchanged for too long.
Dispose of responsibly. Suitable for home compost.

Ingredients: Certified organic cotton.
Wrapper: BPA-free widely recycled plastic.
Packaging: Recycled cardboard printed with vegetable-based ink.