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Multi-Mam Compresses 12 Pack

Product code: 3672821
(incl VAT)

Provide an instant cooling effect on sore, engorged nipples and breasts.

Multi-Mam Compresses are designed to ease nipple soreness caused by breastfeeding. Multi-Mam compresses contain a natural, bio-active gel which blocks infection as well as the development of harmful micro-organisms. They help maintain a moist environment for skin, stimulating repair as quickly as possible.
  • Immediate relief from discomfort from breastfeeding.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Lanolin-free.
  • 12 pack.
Multi-Mam Compresses have been developed by midwives specifically for breastfeeding mothers. The gel is completely natural and non-toxic, so they are completely safe for babies while they are breastfeeding.
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Directions for use:
Apply Multi-Mam compresses as and when necessary.

Non-absorbing, laminated compress impregnated with bio-active gel. Active ingredients: Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid Crosspolymer, Glycerin (plant origin), Xanthan Gum.