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MolluDab Solution 2ml

Product code: 3795333
(incl VAT)
Please note: Molludab is Suitable for Children over 2 years old.

MolluDab is used externally against Molluscum Contagiosum which is a common and relatively harmless (but highly contagious) viral infection of the skin. The spots are easily recognised, and are small (2-6 mm) dome-like shiny pimples/papules often grouped together. Molluscum Contagiosum occurs most frequently in children and young adults, but can affect people of any age.

MolluDab contains 5% potassium hydroxide and this is dotted on the Molluscum Contagiosum bumps twice daily. MolluDab breaks down the skin cells which encase the virus, to enable the immune system to recognise the virus and respond to it.

Instructions of use:
  1. Dip the plastic spatula cap into the MolluDab solution remove excess liquid on the side of the bottle.
  2. Dab all of the molluscum bumps with the flat side of the spatula. Allow the solution to dry. Apply MolluDab Solution twice daily.
  3. Stop using as soon as inflammation appears, this indicates that the Molluscum bumps are healing. cease using after 14 days if no inflammation is apparent consult your doctor for further advice. Wait for the Molluscum legions to heal generally 1-5 weeks.
Do not apply MolluDab Solution to open wounds or mucous membranes (mouth or genital region). Avoid contact with the eyes.
Not for oral use. Avoid contact with clothing.
Please note Molludab is Suitable for adults and Children over 2 years old.
MolluDab Ingredients:
Each 1 ml solution contains 50 mg Potassium Hydroxide.

This solution is highly corrosive. Always follow the instructions in the package.