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Bath & Shower Products

Shower and bath products encompass a diverse array of luxurious essentials designed to elevate your bathing experience. From indulgent shower mousses to nourishing body washes and refreshing shower gels, these products cater to every preference and skin type.

Shower mousses offer a decadent lather that envelops you in a cloud of rich, fragrant foam, leaving your skin feeling soft and pampered. Body washes come in various formulations, from moisturising creams to invigorating gels, each providing a thorough cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Shower gels are infused with refreshing scents and gentle cleansing agents, transforming your shower into a sensory oasis. Whether you prefer floral, citrus, or woody fragrances, there's a shower and bath product to suit your mood and preferences.

Elevate your bathing ritual with these luxurious essentials and indulge in a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.
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Body Wash

  • Yardley English Rose Luxury Body Wash 250ml

    Yardley English Rose Luxury Body Wash 250ml

    A luxurious moisturising Body Wash combining refreshing, light rose with notes of rose bud, magnolia and cassis, this creamy, moisturising Luxury Body Wash

    (incl VAT)
    Out of stock
  • Fenjal Classic Creme Body Wash 200ml

    Fenjal Classic Creme Body Wash 200ml

    Fenjal Classic Creme Body Wash is an indulgent body wash that nourishes the skin while gently cleansing it.

    (incl VAT)

Shower Mousse

Bath Products

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