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Herbal Legislation 2011 Information

Since 30th April 2011 a new herbal legislation has been in place which means any herbal medicines or herbal products considered to be medicinal or for medicinal purposes have to be registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and carry the THR (Traditional Herbal Registration) logo before they can be legally supplied to the public.

In the past there have been several laws concerning herbal remedies in EU countries, however herbal products in the UK have been marketed under a specific UK law known as Section 12(2) of the Medicines Act. This diversity is seen to be unacceptable to the EU and this has lead to the new legislation across the EU.

This new legislation will ensure that the right herb, in the right quantity is in the product and it is clearly stated on the packaging. It also ensures the content and shelf life of the herb in question is as expected/stated and that the manufacturing standards are safe and hygienic and completed using modern equipment and procedures. Manufacturers will have to provide information regarding the source of their herbs and other listed ingredients and each manufacturer will also have to pass a site inspection by MHRA.

Benefits to Consumer

The THR Logo is a guarantee of manufacturing standard and product safety and quality, not a guarantee of efficacy. THR applications are based on traditional long term medicinal use, they are not tested for effectiveness in the same way a conventional medicine would be.

Quality Assured

Herbal Medicines will no longer be manufactured or supplied unless they are registered as a Traditional Herb Medicine and have the Traditional Herbal Registration logo. Therefore consumers will be able to purchase their herbs knowing they are registered and meet the necessary standards and contain safe, suitable quantities. Many of the trustworthy ranges Express Chemist stock already have honest packaging and so little will change visibly, however, the packaging can now clearly state what each product does, which is a huge benefit.

More informative

Every licensed herb will now have to meet the new packaging standards and contain a patients leaflet inside the box. Such changes will ensure that consumers will be able to read and learn how to use the product safely and correctly. This information will also state when not to use or what to avoid or look out for when using the herbal product.

Better understanding and safety

All registered products will carry THR logo, plus an 'indication'. This means all consumers will be able to see clearly what each product is to be used for, which specific condition. One of the requirements of this new legislation is that each product has been treating the condition it is used for, for a period of at least 30 years. All these factors are in place to ensure consumer safety.

Please note

It is illegal for manufacturers and wholesalers to sell unlicensed herbal medicines to retailers since April 30th, however retailers can continue to sell unlicensed stock up to the shelf life date.

Products that were not registered in time for the cut off point, 30th April 2011, may still be registered in the future, they will just be temporarily unavailable from the manufacturers until so. With this in mind Express Chemist have not only stocked up on the Herbs that have not been licensed and are being discontinued but we have also stocked up on your favourite herbs that are disappearing for a while and not expected back for a year or so. Express Chemist can legally continue to sell these whilst stock lasts.

* Sourced from A. Vogel EU Herb Legislation and P3 Magazine, April 2011 Edition.
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Brands Affected

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