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Excilor Wart and Verruca 2 in 1 Treatment

Product code: 4097374
(incl VAT)
Excilor Wart and Verruca 2 in 1 Treatment combines freeze and gel treatment for effective wart and verruca treatment within 5 days.

The 2 in 1 treatment attacks the wart and verruca from the insie-out and from the outside-in.

Product 1: Freeze
  • Foam holder.
  • Freeze reservoir.
Product 2: Gel Applicator
  • Gel for children 1x per day, for adults 2x per day

Who can use:
Can be used by adults and children over 4 years old.
It is recommended that adults apply the treatment to children.
It is recommended that you consult your gp or pharmacist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, a diabetic, or suffer from poor circulation or a skin condition.

For warts and verrucas located on hands or feet only.
Do not use on skin that is not intact of if you have any doubt if the condition is a wart or a verruca.
Only use in a well ventilated area.
If the gel accidentally makes contact with the healthy skim, wash the area immediately with lots of soap and water to prevent irritation or burning of the healthy skin.
If you have any questions, contact your general practitioner or pharmacist.
Do not use if you are hypersensitive to one of the ingredients.

Cryo-Active, TCA-Active (Based on Trichloroacetic Acid), Carbopol, Aqua.