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Dextro Classic Energy Tablets x14

Product code: 0984583
(incl VAT)
Dextro energy tablets - classic flavour.
  • 89% Dextrose.
  • Direct Energy.
  • Quick acting.
  • Improves concentration and performance.
  • Ideal for work, school, sport and on the road.
Ingredients: Dextrose 89% • Maltodextrin • Citric Acid • Anti-cracking Agent (magnesium salts and fatty acids) • Flavouring.
Nutritional value (per 100g): Energy 1549kl/364cal • Protein 0g • Carbohydrate 91g (of which sugar 82g) (of which dextrose 81g) • Fat 1g • Fibre 0g • Sodium 0.1g.