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Depend Incontinence Protection

Bladder weakness protection that allows complete control.

Most adults have suffered from incontinence at some stage. Depend understand the condition and offer the best products to help manage it. With reliable day and overnight protection for both men and women who suffer. Depend incontinence products have been specially designed and tailored to fit your body for optimum comfort. The pads and pants contain an odour control inner core that quickly absorbs and locks away wetness keeping you feeling dry, fresh and confident to go about your day.
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There are various types of urinary incontinence longterm or temporary the most common conditions are:
Urge incontinence:
The sudden need for the toilet, UTI's, constipation, menopause and stroke as well as MS and Parkinson's can cause urge incontinence.
Stress incontinence:
Most adults of all different ages have suffered from stress incontinence at some stage. This is the most common especially in women and happens when there is physical activity that puts a strain on the bladder such as exercise, sneezing, coughing and laughing these can cause an uninetentional leak of urine.
You may have overflow incontinence when you are not fully emptying your bladder this leads to overflow, which leaks out unexpectedly.
Functional incontinence:
When unable to get to a toilet in time due to mobility or issues such as dementia.

If you wish to seek more information on incontinence (bladder weakness) please visit the NHS link on urinary incontinence at the bottom of this page.

At Express Chemist we ensure all orders are discreetly packaged and sent direct to your door.
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