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Compeed Corn Plasters Medium 10

Product code: 2284784
(incl VAT)
Compeed Corn Plasters actively works to treat the corn as well as protecting it from pressure and rubbing. Each plaster will moisturise and soften the corn too, thus helping with removal.
  • 10 Medium sized plasters.
  • 10 x 1.75 by 6.0cm.
  • Recommended for use on the corns.
  • Actively works to treat the corn.
  • Protective and long lasting.
  • Instant pain relief.
  • Plasters stay firmly in place.
  • Diabetics should consult a doctor before use.
Compeed Corn Plasters also contain the hydrocolloid technology, an active gel which improves moisturisation. The plasters cat as a second skin to support the natural moisture balance in order to:
  • Protect and cushion against rubbing and pressure from shoes.
  • Relieve corn pain immediately.
  • Moisturise and soften the corn itself.
Directions for use:
Clean and dry skin before use.
Do not touch the adhesive side of the plaster during application.
Leave in place until the plaster starts to detach.

Full application instructions inside box.