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Arm and Hammer

image Arm and Hammer

Arm and Hammer toothpastes are everyday fluoride toothpastes with the added whitening power of sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as Baking Soda.

Whereas many whitening agents can be quite abrasive, the baking soda instead dissolves into crevices, providing a far gentler whitening action that is just as effective as other methods. The baking soda also helps neutralise acids in the mouth and helps neutralise Volatile Sulphur Compounds that can cause bad breath.
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Arm and Hammer Sensitive Teeth

Arm and Hammer Total Care

  • Arm and Hammer Total Clean Toothpaste 125g

    Arm and Hammer Total Clean Toothpaste 125g

    Arm and Hammer Total Care Toothpaste whitens, cleans and gives cavity protection whilst controlling tarter, leaving you with fresher breath for longer.

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Arm and Hammer Complete Care

Arm and Hammer Nature's Finest