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Biokap Nutricolor is a brand of natural hair coloring products made from plant-based ingredients. Biokap provides an alternative to traditional chemical-based hair dyes and is considered gentle on the hair and scalp.

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Key features of Biokap Nutricolor:
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Ammonia free.
  • Low allergy risk.
  • Permanent Colour.
  • Grey coverage.
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BioKap Hair Lighteners

  • BioKap Nutricolor 0.0 Hair Lightening Cream

    BioKap Nutricolor 0.0 Hair Lightening Cream

    Formulated with Tricorepair complex and Organic Argan Oil to care for hair while lightning it up to 2 shades for a great natural looking & feeling result.

    (incl VAT)

BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Rapid

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