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Aero Healthcare Plus Waterproof Island Dressings 6cm x 7 cm x 3

Product code: 4234407
(incl VAT)
AeroFilm Plus combines a transparent film with a non-adhesive absorbent pad, creating an ideal wound-healing environment.
Aerofilm Plus has a unique 'frame delivery' technology, ensuring quick and effective application. The island non-adherent pad absorbs exudate and resists sticking to the wound surface, minimising pain and trauma at dressing change.
  • 3 pads
  • 6cm x 7cm
  • Non adhesive absorbent pad.
  • Hospital grade
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free.
  1. Wash hands before and after dressing application.
  2. Remove the backing paper and apply the dressing to the wound site, being careful not to touch the wound pad.
  3. Press the edges down firmly, then peel off the dressing frame.
  4. Write the date on the tape provided and apply it to the dressing if required.
  5. Recommended to change dressing daily.
  6. Use of these dressings are not a substitute for professional attention from a healthcare practitioner.