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Salcura Information and Case Studies

The man behind Salcura:
Dr. Martin Schiele is a biomedical research scientist who over many years has developed the Salcura range of skin and health products.
They combine natural oils, vitamins and minerals which are well known in the past for their benefits. He has taken these and applied scientific mechanisms and knowledge to produce highly effective treatments for a range of skin conditions and other health issues.

Key Ingredients in Salcura Products include:
Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphur, Zinc, Australian Tea Tree Oil, New Zealand Manuka Honey, Australian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Spictum), Rosalina Oil, Manuka Citratum Oil, Vegetable (Natural) Glycerine, Siberian Sea Buckthorn,
Vegetal Cellulose Microparticles, Selected Fruit Acids, Brine.

Salcura Natural Skin Therapy:
The Professional Skin Management Range uses ingredients in a colloidal solution to ensure that the active ingredients are made available to the skin in the most effective way. Dr.Schieles' research has shown that a colloidal solution penetrates the pores of the skin and works down through the various layers of the skin and then back up to the surface by osmosis.

The results:
The Salcura range has been studied by the University of Leeds School of Medicine & The University of Bradford, Research and Knowledge Transfer Support. It has shown to be the first Natural Colloidal Solution Delivery System based on biotechnology and nanotechnology on the market.
Salcura has been extensively researched, developed and tested. All feedback has been listened to carefully and adjustments have been made where needed. The first trials of the finished product have seen encouraging results. Salcura has helped many people in improving and changing the condition of their skin and their lives!

Salcura has been welcomed by many who have in interest in trying an alternative treatment for their on-going skin conditions. Not only has it been proven to improve many people's skin problems, it also leaves the skin feeling and looking healthy, moisturised and nourished. Every Salcura product is chemical, steroid, paraben, and hormone free and is scented only by the natural oils and plant extracts within. If you want to give Salcura a try, there is no harm in doing so as it is natural, harmless and kind to the skin.
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To view the success stories, see below...

Case Studies

  • Example 1: Before & After - 1 month of using the Professional Skin Management Series (Class 1 Medical Device) Salcura Intensive on eczema.
    image Salcura Information and Case Studies

    1. Child of 4 years who had suffered with eczema since 9 months of age. Previous treatments included prescribed hydrocortisone creams and bath oils.

  • Example 2: Before & After - 2 months after using Professional Skin Management Series (Class 1 Medical Device) Salcura Intensive on eczema.

    2. 34 year old man suffered eczema almost his whole life. Before using Salcura, his treatment consisted of: Continuous treatment with 1% hydrocortisone cream and other steroid prescriptions. Occasional PUVA treatment in hospital. Prescribed bath oils emollient creams were also used.

  • Example 3: Before & After - Results after 8 weeks using Professional Skin Management Series (Class 1 Medical Device) Salcura Intensive Spray and Salcura Zeoderm Cream on Psoriasis.

    3. 11 year old girl with psoriasis on face, arms and back since the age of 5 years old. Previous treatments included: Prescribed steroids, wraps, 1 week in hospital, bath oils and creams.
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