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Phyto Soya

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Menopause is a time of change, often affecting the way a women feels and looks. It is therefore important to ensure intake of key nutrients at this time to maintain harmony and well-being.

Phyto Soya is a natural food supplement based on a soya extract that is particularly rich in isoflavones. It is unique due to this high Daidzein content, the soya isoflavone that produces equol, the most active of the metabolites.

Phyto Soya's specific formula, with a higher content of Daidzein than of Genistein (the two principal soya isoflavones), has been specially devised to maintain women's well-being and balance.

Epidemiological studies have shown that Asian women, whose diet is particularly rich in soya, are less affected by the unpleasant signs of the menopause. This positive effect is attributed to phytoestrogens, substances of plant origin, abundant quantities of which are contained in soya in the form of isoflavones and which are comparable to, but different from, estrogen, the main female hormone which becomes deficient in women during the menopause. Thus a supply of soya isoflavones is useful to women during the premenopause and the menopause.
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Phyto Soya Double Potency Formulas

  • Phyto Soya High Strength Capsules 60

    Phyto Soya High Strength Capsules 60

    Phyto Soya High Strength Capsules is a food supplement containing a natural sourced soya extract specifically developed for women at the time of change. These high strength two-a-day capsules (morning & night) with slow and prolonged release, help provide a more balanced 24hr dosage.

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Phyto Soya FAQ's

Phyto Soya FAQ's

Is it important to take PHYTO SOYA in both the morning and the evening?
It is essential to take one dose of Phyto Soya in the morning and another in the evening. The duration of action of soya isoflavones is about 8 hours. So to ensure 24-hour relief, you must take them in the morning and the evening.

Have clinical tests been done on PHYTO SOYA?
Clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of Phyto Soya. A study conducted in 2002 and published in Menopause shows that Phyto Soya reduces the number of daily hot flushes by 60% after 4 months of use. In 2006, Arkopharma Laboratories initiated an extensive multicentric study which demonstrated the safety of Phyto Soya for breast and endometrial tissue. After one year of use, no cases of endometrial hyperplasia were diagnosed among the 300 women participating in the study. In addition, ACR mammography scores remained stable.

To whom can PHYTO SOYA Capsules be recommended?

Phyto Soya can be recommended:
  • As soon as the first disorders appear during the premenopause (hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, etc.)
  • When hot flushes persist in the menopause
  • When you can no longer, or do not want to, take HRT (for fear of side-effects, preference for a natural therapy, etc.)
  • When there are contraindications to HRT.
Is it safe to take PHYTO SOYA?A big, international clinical study has made it possible to measure the effects of Phyto Soya on the breast and the endometrium (the inner wall of the uterus). The study consisted of the daily administration of 2 capsules per day, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, of Phyto Soya dosed at 35 mg (i.e. 70 mg of isoflavones per day) for 1 year. The results showed that after 1 year of use, no increase in mammary density and no increase in the thickness of the endometrium were observed. These results suggest that daily administration of 70 mg of Phyto Soya for 1 year does not stimulate the breast or the endometrium and indicates safety in use.