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BD Micro-Fine 31G - 0.25 x 8mm (100)

Product code: 2393452
(incl VAT)
BD Micro-Fine+ 31G 8mm are compatible with most leading insulin pens including:
  • Sanofi: ClikSTAR • SoloSTAR • OptiClik • OptiPen Pro 1 & 2 • OptiSet.
  • Lilly: Savvio • KwikPen • HumaPen Memoir • HumaPen Luxura • HumaPen Luxura HD • Humalog Pen • Humulin Pen.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb/AstraZeneca: Byetta Pen.
  • Novo Nordisk: FlexTouch • Victoza Pen • FlexPen • Novopen 3/4/ • InnoLet.
  • Owen Mumford: AutoPen Classic/Junior.
  • B. Braun: Omnican Pen.
  • Ypsomed: Ypsopen.
  • Also compatible with Forsteo & HumatroPen 3 (Lilly), Genotropin Pen (Pfizer).
  • Latex Free.
Directions for Use:
Use the needles as instructed by your healthcare professional or as described in your injection device instruction manual.
Screw the needle straight onto the injection device until it is on tight.
Once used dispose of in a puncture-proof, clearly marked container or sharps container in accordance with your local health regulations.

  • For single use only.
  • Do not bend or damage needles before use.
  • Do not dispose of with ordinary trash.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

*Excludes Diapen 1 & 2 from Eli Lilly.